Chipper & Coco

A different kind of pet store — one devoted to enhancing the lives of our furry family members, while finding new homes for animals who need adoption.

For pets and their people.

Chipper & Coco is a different kind of pet store where the best food, clothes, toys, treats are only the beginning. For instance, we work with CARA to have adoptable pets in our store. We also offer services personalized dog training, pet sitting in your own home, and ergonomic self-wash dog stations.

Finally, Chipper & Coco is not a franchise or a mega-store. We’re a small, locally owned business that’s proud to be part of the greater Jackson community.

Owner, Ann Somers was born in Byram and has lived in the Jackson area practically her whole life. Since she was a little girl, she's been happiest when surrounded by pets. That’s why the store is named after Chipper, after her beloved golden retriever, and Coco, her black Persian-mix all-time favorite cat. For many years, she's been involved with animal rescue through CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption), most recently as Treasurer. In 2018, she choose to retire early as an architect to pursue her dream of opening a NEW kind of pet store.

We offer:

Pet Sitting

Dog Training

Dog Bathing


Pet Care products + food