Sal & Mookie's New York Pizza & Ice Cream

Now open for Dine-In and Take-Out! Come enjoy this classic New York Style Pizza & Ice Cream Joint. From pizza and ice cream floats to wings and cocktails, they've got it all.

NOW OPEN! We’re thrilled to welcome Sal & Mookie's headquarters to The District!

In addition to fantastic pizzas, they offer gourmet paninis and hot subs, classic Little-Italy style pastas and appetizers including award-winning wings, and out-of-this-world flame-grilled burgers like the Bobby Flay, Statue of Liberty, and the Turkey Lurkey.

And to delight the inner-child in everyone, their main dining room features anice cream parlor. Get ready for an endless variety of splits, shakes, malts, floats, and scoops! Can’t make up your mind which flavor you want? They offer free samples and you can always get an extra scoop—they won’t judge. Stick around to see how your treat is made and pick out your toppings!


Sal & Mookie's New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint served Jackson locals for the past 14 years of history in Fondren and relocated to The District, a new location perfectly suited for families!

"We love what we do and are thrilled that so many Mississippians enjoy the creative take on classic New York Pizza that we offer," states Chef Dan Blumenthal, the concept's menu and theme creator." Jeff and I are excited to be taking our concept to the next level. We think The District at Eastover will be a hit with our customers not only here in Jackson, but throughout the metro area!"

"From the beginning, our team worked to create a place that brings local comfort and lasting joy to the city of Jackson and all who stop by to enjoy what we have to offer." states Breck Hines, Co-Developer of The District at Eastover. "We are truly unique within the metro area. Our vibrant live, work, play "city within a city" is something everyone can be proud of."